The My Data and Privacy Online website has a range of resources for young people, their parents and professionals, while the Outcomes Report is an interesting read providing an overview of the research behind the project.  Below is an extract from the report of children’s understanding of privacy online:


5 to  7 year olds         

·         A developing sense of ownership, fairness and independence

·         Learning about rules but may not follow them, and don’t get consequences

·         Use digital devices confidently, for a narrow range of activities

·         Getting the idea of secrets, know how to hide, but tend to regard                    tracking/monitoring by a trusted adult as helpful

8 to 11 year olds 

·         Starting to understand risks of sharing but generally trusting

·         Privacy management means rules not internalised self-regulation of behaviour

·         Still see monitoring by a parent or other trusted adult positively, to ensure their              safety

·         Privacy risks linked to ‘stranger danger’ and interpersonal harms

·         Struggle to identify risks or distinguish what applies offline/online

12 to 17 year olds

·         Online as ‘personal space’ for expression, socialising, learning

·         Concerned about parental monitoring yet broad trust in parental and school restrictions

·         Aware of/attend to privacy risks, but mainly seen as interpersonal

·         Weigh up risks and opportunities, but decisions influenced by desire for immediate benefits

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