We had a fantastic session yesterday afternoon with Jonny Zucker an author who writes books for the Serial Mash element of Purple Mash.



purplemashPurple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.

serial-mashSerial Mash is…

“A growing online library of books specifically written for use in primary school classrooms with the new National Curriculum. The books are aimed at children aged 5-11 and come complete with a range of teacher resource packs, comprehension quizzes and extended writing activities.”

It was great to see how the Purple Mash content can support reluctant readers.

There really is a wealth of resources right at your fingertips.

Many of the texts within Serial Mash are aimed specifically at Boys to engage them with reading and to help them develop a love for literacy.

Jonny shared many excellent tips with us including some companies that produce books aimed at reluctant readers such as Badger Learning.

We were particularly keen to check out the Dark Man series of books by Ransom Publishing.

We all had an opportunity to work through some of the resources and Andrew Wilkinson very kindly offered a free trial of Serial Mash for all attendees. Thank you very much
Andrew  🙂

If anybody has any queries about their free trial feel free to contact myself or Amanda or Andrew directly