This page is for anything new that we and you feel needs to be shared. So often in our busy lives we can miss important events and/or information that we would have found useful. So I intend to keep this page up to date with the great team at Open Zone in terms of ‘did you know?’ etc.

The Beacon Centre, Park View Special School and Chrissie Hardy, Public Health Practitioner gave a stunning presentation to SENCOs on November 15th on practical strategies for children and young people with behaviour and emotional needs. All three presenters have offered their services to support schools. Their contact details are as follows:,, . Please feel free to contact them.

There is a great research document just out called SEN Support: research evidence on effective approaches and examples of current practice in good and outstanding schools and colleges.   – This is the website where the document is and – information about the report

Please find a few minutes to scan through. There are lots of ideas for interventions and training. I am running training for Foster Carers, Short Break workers, Outreach Support workers and Residential Social Workers next Tuesday and Wednesday. I will focus on the reforms, systems, SEND Ranges, early identification, interventions and contacts such as the role of the SENCO in school. So SENCOs may get some questions from these professionals.

The wide ranging training programme will now be co-ordinated by a training group through the SEND Steering Group and will be led by Gemma Jeyes. This training group will commence in January 2019 and I know that Gemma will be asking interested people to join and deliver. I am delighted at this as the programme is now so extensive.

We continue to run specific training for parents on the SEND Ranges and our next evening meeting is Monday 26th November at Perth Green Community Centre 6-8 pm. I have a list of questions that I think parents should ask of schools and these are on the portal under the parent section.

Considerable work has been completed on the role and function of the Additional Resource Bases and ‘Outreach’. We  will be sharing our thought and recommendations with all schools and settings shortly. We are keen to look at high quality outreach support for schools but to call it a different name so that there is a commitment on both parties to deliver. This will be around collaborative partnership working with a contract and expectations on both sides. I think this will really help and support all settings.

We are also in the process of implementing a transition form for Early Years settings so that there is consistency in the transfer of information between PVI’s, Stanley’s, Nurseries and Primary Schools. This will improve communication between and across this provision.

We are updating our SEND Portal to be more ‘user friendly’. So hopefully you will see some improvements in navigating this vast amount of really useful information!!

We want to wish you a really wonderful Christmas and New Year. Settings, Schools and Colleges have committed so much time to SEND and training/development this year. We are grateful to everyone who has been involved and send a very big thanks to all. This will really make such a difference to the lives of our children and families in South Tyneside.

Anne Hayward

SEND Consultant to South Tyneside.

Andy Richie

Service Manager: Access and Inclusion