The Hour of Code site gets even better. No sooner have they announced a Star Wars module, they go even further and add Minecraft too! The Minecraft Hour of Code has been made in partnership with Microsoft and Mojang, and launches ahead of the Hour of Code event coming in a few weeks time.

Children can choose to play as either Steve or Alex and use blocks of code to take them on an adventure through a Minecraft world.


Check it out here!

The tutorial introduces learners to basic coding and guides them to mine, craft and explore in a 2-D “Minecraft” world. Players are offered a set of 14 challenges, including free play time, to explore coding concepts they’ve learned through the tutorial.



Using Minecraft to get kids interested in coding is a fantastic idea, and this looks simpler than some of the coding mods I’ve seen for Minecraft before.

This would be a great introduction to coding in a world many children know very well indeed.