The CyberFirst Girls Competition aims to support girls interested in a career in cyber security.

Registration is now live for the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2020.

What is the CyberFirst Girls’ Competition?

Set up by the National Cyber Security Centre, the CyberFirst Girls’
Competition is an annual UK-wide competition to introduce young
female-identifying students to the world of cyber security – and the
skills that could start an incredible career.
Through rounds of puzzles and challenges, the Year 8* girls form
teams of up to four, to take on challenges that train them in the skills
they need to defend our digital world.


Don’t forget that you have until the 21st January 2020 to register your teams for this competition. The qualifier round begins on the 13th January.

You can find full rules and regulations for the Girls Competition here on the NCSC website.

  • Teams are made up of up to four female students in Year 8, S2 or Year 9 (NI).
  • Teams need to be supported by a responsible adult appointed by the school who is aged over 18 years and who can act as the team guardian.
  • Team guardians do not need to have any cyber knowledge or be an IT or computer science teacher. Their role is to register the teams and facilitate access to the competition.
  • Schools can enter as many teams as they like if they fit the qualifying criteria (see above).



Register for the Girls Competition here.



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