We have been working hard behind the scenes to produce documentation for schools to use to support the school community during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We have collated them all on this page.  You are free to use for your particular setting.


Download (DOCX, 40KB)

This acts as an appendix to your existing Safeguarding documentation with particular reference to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Download (DOC, 106KB)

Loan Equipment Acceptable and Responsible Use Policy.  Includes Terms and Conditions of loaning a device and an agreement to agree to.

Download (DOCX, 318KB)

Guidelines on the safe use of Video calls during School Closures.

Download (DOCX, 79KB)

Stay Connectied During School Closures #1 – Top Tips

Download (DOCX, 81KB)

Stay Connected During School Closures #2 – Video Streaming

Download (DOCX, 80KB)

Stay Connected During School Closures #3 – On line Collaboration

Download (DOCX, 79KB)

Stay Connected During School Closures #4 – Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Information collection sheet for equipment loaned to pupils


This document is from Police Prevent team.

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