I have scheduled two training sessions for December for staff to get them started

Tuesday 8th December 2015 @ OpenZone CLC 13:00 – 16:30

Thursday 10th December 2015 @ OpenZone CLC 13:00 – 16:30

These sessions will be free and you only need to attend one.

Please notes dates may be subject to change if the release of the devices is delayed.

Keep up to date with any developments here #bbcmicrobit


We have yet to receive our Micro Bits so may have to postpone these sessions.

We will keep you updated if this is the case.



On Tuesday 6th October 2015,  I attended the CAS BBC Micro:bit training session at Newcastle University. It was a fully booked session and I was lucky to get a place.

It was great to get some hands on experience with a Micro:bit. They are pretty cool and programming them was simple too!

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We were given access to resources but sadly were unable to keep a Micro:bit.

We did get an update on release of the devices and the BBC hopes to have them in schools for teachers in December and the Year 7 student ones in the first half of the spring term.